Harry Potter is Basically the Internet

All around us is an invisible world where geeks are cool…

1. Smartphones

Lumos 3
Thank God for the lumos app.

2. Maps

Marauder's Map
You are here.

3. Blogs

Everyone’s darkest memories.

4. Wikipedia

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

5. Links

Floo Network
How the hell did I get here?

6. 404 Errors

Moving stairs
‘The room you requested has not been found.’

7. Google

You think you can live without him. You’re wrong.

8. Bitcoin

Because some young men become inexplicably rich overnight.

9. Twitter

 We’ve all had a howler.

10. Frape

Polyjuice potion
‘Very funny guys.’

11. Password protection

Fat lady
Totally, 100% secure, to everyone except the dangerous people you want to keep out.

12. GIFs

Because pictures are just better when they move.

13. Trolls

A young celebrity, trying to get on with his life? We’ll see about that.
Like! Share! :)))) I don’t normally do lists, but I really think I might have cracked the whole Harry Potter universe this time 😀